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Camp Century
Passports accepted from most major threads
Camp Century Flag1.gif
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Geographical Boundries
  Boundary Type TBD
Physics Flags
  Tech Level 6
  Supernatural None
  Hypertech High
Temporal Data
  Diverged 1963
  Time Since Div 5 years
Cultural and Economic
  Currency TBD
  Exchange Rate TBD
  Leaders LTC James Darfield, US Army
  Major Religions TBD
  Contact Person Eric S.
  Genre/Flavor 1960s Arctic/Military/Scientific
  Created Season 1

See also, JET Shard Data Report: Camp Century, Greenland

Camp Century is a US Army Arctic station on the Greenland glacier. The Camp Century thread broke off in 1963, three years after it was founded. Its time line initially moved at 1/15th speed but now is in parity with the core timeline. During the initial break, the commanding colonel and the assigned doctor were killed when equipment fell on them in what was initially assumed to be a surprise earthquake.



A young Unseelie woman called Siofra from Underhill became trapped at Camp Century and was then murdered there. Countess Poisontongue was sent to recover her and ultimately (from her point of view), convinced the murderess Maggie Kelly to commit suicide. Simultaneously, the reactor was sabotaged with three hypertech flies and a control device. The flies were designed to drop and acidic payload to: primary cooling, secondary cooling and power and one of the control rods. The author of the attack is unknown.

A group of improbable creatures from the so-called "Rad Zone" of the PPOC invaded and were quickly destroyed.

Gates lost. A number of gates were lost during or after Reunification.

City of Glass/Reunification - 10 men in an infantry unit supported the defense of the City of Glass. Amazingly, no casualties were taken.

Hive managed to broker settlement with Sedona over death of LT Daniels and attempted assassination of Lady Arachne Hive Diplomacy

Fascist Croatia launched an attack with nearly 200 which resulted in casualties of 23 among the Camp Century contingent. Outside assistance has increased their security substantially. A number of Croatian women stayed adding to the New Celtian women and men preserved after the destruction/non-creation of that thread.

SGT Steubing was in an armed altercation at the San Diego deployment with a ranking diplomat from Sedona and was banned from JET operations by the Security Lead, Bud Lindsey with a diplomatic harranging from Niccolo Toscani to LTC Darfield.

Camp Century personnel have been active on JET deployments as radio men, gate operators, medics and scouts.


Camp Century can receive radio signals from almost any thread and send to a number of them with varied rates of success. Their primary communication with the JET is via morse transmission to the LA Navy which converts it to a radiogram and forwards the message via internet to the appropriate party. Due to assistance from ENY and Cornell, Camp Century and the LA Navy have automated this process in a manner similar to a TELEX.

Due to the Boston gate, mail has become more common as well and Camp Century members travel to Boston frequently.


Camp Century seems to be oddly psychoreactive to the original inhabitants in various ways. They believed they were remote and isolated so the thread reinforces that. However, they were desperate for contact at the same time and the thread became porous to signals from other threads. They were a military/scientific mission from the early 1960's who were very rationalist so the inhabitants are all resistant to magic and capable of making their technology work elsewhere to the point that it is part of their genetic code. When all of them grieved for New Celtia, the thread essentially shielded them from the reality changes so that they could remember events that previously only the JET deployment did.

This has been studied by Penn State: Unmagical Shards


The Camp Century gate is Free/Regular Intermittent (No Econ) with 39 different possibilities (43 before Reunification). They have so far lost four scouts in exploration including one where the scout returned but was eaten and the attackers then attacked Camp Century. The gate is roughly ten miles from the Camp, which is under the snow. There is a small shack with meteorological equipment, a phone and a kerosene heater in addition to storage sheds and a larger shelter for visitors when needed. Since the attack by Fascist Croatia and support from JET personnel as well as the Hive and ENY, there are major defensive positions with .30 caliber machinguns, .50 caliber machineguns, closed circuit television and other sensors. There are redundant communications via phone, radio and snowmobile. There is a trail marked by ropes and periodically staged with igloos and blankets that leads to the Camp. There is video recording of the closed circuit system using tape at the base with sufficient tapes for 6 weeks continuous coverage without recycling tapes.

All travel, including Direct Gating and Tween Walking enter the thread at the gate location. No one has been able to bypass this. It is a natural property of the thread.

The Gate may also cause gates occurring during the same period of time to misgate. The first case led to an accidental trip to Laos

Currently known Gates:

Jerusalem - Prior to Boston, this was a main supply point for supplies, primarily from the Empire of New York. Stockpiles were left near the gate point and picked up by scouts when it opens. Guards protect the site from outsiders.

PHMW (2) - Precise locations unknown, one is apparently far to the north and the other somewhere between Port Tucumcari and Denver

Underhill - While their gate does reach Underhill, interactions between the two threads have been unpleasant (including dissection of small Underhill creatures) and at the recommendation of Lady Persephone, Camp Century does not travel there.

Noir L.A. - As of the LA deployment, a gate cycle between Camp Century and LA is now possible.

New Celtia - NO LONGER EXISTS After the LA deployment, a new gate was discovered to New Celtia and initial trade and tourist relations were established.

Jeffersonia - Recently discovered on Z.Q.'s farm.

Boston - Open after Boston/New Celtia deployment, now the primary route for all supplies and Boston is often used for liberties. Some Camp Century men are attending classes there.

Sedona - Open after Boston/New Celtia deployment, scout killed. Sedona Scout Transcript

Nezavisna Država Hrvatska- Fascist Croatia, recently used to launch an attack to take over Camp Century as a strategic base using snowmobiles, automatic weapons and attack teams mixed with female guard units. The attack was finally stopped when Sam Buckman managed to determine how to trigger the poison devices of some troops and jam all the others combined with an appeal to the enlisted Croats to surrender. 75 Croatian prisoners were taken with 150 killed and 25 presumed MIA when they fled back through the gate. Machine guns have been moved to the gate. Camp Century casualties were 23 killed.

De_Gaulle_France - Now a food supply route to Camp Century through a mountain pass.

San Diego - Just identified prior to USD deployment. It is unclear how future relations will continue, especially with the known unrest.

Penn State - There is a very rare, hard to find intermittent gate to Penn State found by John Greyer during a trip to Laos. The gate is rarely open for more than one minute at a time.

Laos - This gate is very intermittent and the fact that a war is going on means that personnel do not travel through here. An aide to someone known as the Blind Bonze came through to get to Jeffersonia to meet a Team A deployment.

Island 1 - CONTACT LOST DURING REUNIFICATION Apparently a tropical island. Radio traffic has been received and planes have flown overhead but no contact has been made. Later information confirms that this was the DEI

Island 2 (AWC-19 on Atlantic map)- Another tropical island. Technology barely works there and then only for Camp Century natives with great effort. A rifle and flashlight disappeared during the brief visit and were assumed misplaced.

Unknown 1 - Air rushes INTO the gate. No one has tried to go there.

Unknown 2 - No air passes either way. No one has tried to go there.

Magic Kingdom (Was Unknown 3) - Recent intelligence without actual gating confirms this as the reclusive Magic Kingdom thread. Previously, radio and television signals had come through and measurements indicated a warm climate.

Unknown 4 - Hot, desert climate. Initial scouting very limited with no encounters.

Unknown 5 - CONTACT LOST AFTER REUNIFICATION Cold, scout was attacked by men with spears and swords and returned wounded. Personnel have not returned and the cycle is very rapid.

Unknown 6 - Tropical, cycle is very rapid.

The Kingdom - CONTACT LOST AFTER REUNIFICATION Very recent contact has been established. Guns are NOT allowed there and the locals have very strict rules on how visitors should dress and behave. They are also a zero magic zone. There is some thought they might be good emissaries to Underhill

Feral Detroit - Initially, all that was known was that it was a cooler place then some of the more tropical sites and the gate cycle was very rapid. Camp Century has only just realized that they are getting signals THROUGH the gate. CC didn't notice the media from them because a lot of their media is rebroadcast from other Threads, so it was indistinguisable from signals they were already getting. Although Feral Detroit broke in 2008, a lot of the local TV signals are in the newer digital format, which CC has only recently realized (with the help of some of the 2012 Threads like Boston and the Empire of New York) isn't noise. Also, the FD radio stations are mostly music that 1960s military men considered noise. They have sent two people through but find it dangerous and chaotic.

Unknown 9 - CONTACT LOST AFTER REUNIFICATION Opens in a remote location with no encounters with people or vegetation.

Cycle times on other gates have been too rapid to safely travel since the Maelstrom but the schedule is becoming more regular. This leaves eighteen (18) gates with insufficient information to make any determinations.

Other contact from ENY and the Hive have been via direct gate prior to Boston contact.


SGT (Now LT) David Lee, the first visitor, showed a substantial resistance to magical energies.

They have a working nuclear reactor for heat and power but no means of getting food or other staples in their own thread.

They have at least one scientist who has worked out a predictive algorithm for the gates.

They have received messages from many places and often communicate and forward message traffic with some of them.

Dennis "Denny" Ryan of Penn State appears to have ended up there and frozen to death.

Two fey appear to have died there and were later dissected as Camp Century was unaware of what they were.

A woman named Simbi Beowulf, of Les Invis was trapped there with severe frostbite but was recently returned to LA during the JET Team A deployment there.


  • A working nuclear reactor with fuel, including a spare reactor rod (Alco PM-2A used to generate electrical power for Camp Century from 1960. The PM-2A that Barnett supervised at Century was built to consume about 40 pounds of uranium fuel per year, and to produce more than 1500 kilowatts of electricity plus 1,000,000 British thermal units of heat per hour. )
  • Information Resource – A listening post for all sorts of traffic (METAGAME - Potentially an Information Source)
  • A technological area with consistent power
  • Magically resistant people with innate Preserve Tech skills (Resist Sup. avg at 4, Preserve Tech at 3)
  • Scientific glacial core data and other historical support
  • Unusual gate endpoints
  • Cold storage
  • A magic free environment



Zero - Helped first establish radio contact and is generally the best radioman for contacting Camp Century at any particular time

Sam Buckman - Established supply line through Jerusalem and has most consistently supplied them. Present during Croatian attack.

Dr. Johnston - Set up medical experiment hut for CanCal that greatly upset personnel but has now shut it down. Tried to Tween walk there with Dr. Sim after Boston deployment with unusual results. Present during Croatian attack.

Ambassador Aye - Sent Hiver doctors and supplies. Two doctors pregnant with new DNA. Doctors trained personnel as medics

Z.Q. - Has gate on his farm and has made contact

Ambrose Hall - Married SGT Steubing and Brigit Callanan

Dr. Sim - Took Tween walk there with Dr. Johnston after Boston deployment

Jack Burns - Took Tween walk there after Boston deployment

John Grayer - Apparently passed through on way to Laos. Present during Croatian attack.

Bud Lindsey - Present during Croatian attack.

Albert Einstein - Present during Croatian attack.

Hudson Falco - Present during Croatian attack.

Yamane Henteko - Present during Croatian attack.


Empire of New York Primary supporter of Camp Century as mentioned above. Because their gate goes to Boston, some are becoming more curious about the Witch Finders and fighting the supernatural.

The Hive Primary supporter of Camp Century as mentioned above.

De_Gaulle_France A recent supporter of Camp Century providing food and another location for visits.

JET Camp Century has been sending members on deployments with the various teams and receiving Gate operations training. They can also provide field medics and radiomen.

Sedona The death of one of their men and a more recent hostile encounter at the Team A USD deployment show a great deal of bad blood here. No Camp Century men will pass through that gate.

Underhill At the request of Lady Persephone, no personnel use this gate.

Nezavisna Država Hrvatska During the USD deployment, Croatian Facists launched an attack on Camp Century and were ultimately repelled with the help of the JET.


Science Leads the Way

Project Iceworm

Camp Century Ice Core

Camp Century uses an obscure historical location and event to support a specialized thread that is aimed at a more "realistic" approach within Threads. More information has become available since the writer started this and where there is a discrepancy, go with this page first. Genre wise, think more Ice Station Zebra and arctic stories rather than more fantastic stories even if they must deal with a more fantastic world.

It is intended to be a thread where a small amount of investment provides decent "return" due to the size of the thread. However, that progress has to fit within the parameters of the thread.


Camp Century Stories

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